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A Micro Wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall..

...and a testimonial so special it deserves a whole page to itself #loveisnotcancelled

When you make the tough decision to go rogue and set up a little business by yourself because it just feels.. well.. like the right thing to do, you do not go in to it for outpourings of thanks or appreciation. You go in to it because you've stumbled across something that fills you with joy, that sends you into a daze of deep concentration every time you snip a stem and place it exactly where you want it, fading out all the other noise around you. You go in to it because you want to scratch that creative itch you've had forever and see where it takes you, you go in to it to create a different sort of lifestyle for yourself and of course, because you want to share your joy with some really special people who choose you to be part of the most love filled day of their life.

With that said, you can imagine my utter delight and sheer pride when I received this heart warming and slightly hilarious but touching review from my most recent couple who amongst many many others were blighted with the woes of 2020 and multiple date changes

.. I won't go in to the detail because Jo tells the story so very well..

"Lucy has been so brilliant all throughout our wedding planning process that I honestly don't know where to start. Full story below but when my flowers arrived on our wedding day I was grinning like a crazy a person, they were so beautiful!

Prior to the madness of 2020, we had always planned a small ceremony in London and a big party abroad, and first up Lucy was one of the few amazing florists I could find online who would do a small order for a micro-wedding but who also had her prices clearly on her website (an absolute must when you're trying to make and stick to your wedding budget!). She was super friendly, professional and responsive when discussing our requirements and made some brilliant colour palette and flower recommendations for our late spring wedding.

Then of course 2020 happened...! We initially replanned for a wedding in December - Lucy was again fantastic in adjusting the colours and suggesting seasonal looks that were still really classy.

In the end, we actually shifted our wedding to October and gave Lucy two weeks to plan it! Not only did we have YET ANOTHER colour palette, we'd also been chopping and changing the flowers we needed to suit our new elopement plan. Lucy barely blinked at the chaos and again rose to the challenge. 

The flowers themselves were stunning: I wanted to support British growers as much as possible and Lucy had worked with her suppliers to create the most gorgeous combinations of autumn colours, I really felt like an autumn queen! When they arrived I could not stop grinning, there are some very unflattering but hilarious pictures of me swooning over the bouquets...! Her signature style of contained wildness is just so beautiful, and I'm desperately trying to preserve as much as I can so I remember these flowers forever.

Massive thank you to Lucy who has been brilliant, and looking forward to finishing the collection and maybe working out summer flowers for our wedding party next year...?!"

HELL YES!! Is my answer to that, I couldn't have asked for a genuinely nicer couple to work with, cool as cucumbers and totally trusting of my floral suggestions.. absolute winners in my books

Stunning photos by Annie Bradney Photography

Venue The Old Marylebone Town Hall London

Date Friday 23rd October 2020

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