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To Blog or not To Blog?

A rhetorical yet very serious question hangs in the air as I write this, to blog or not to blog.. I can’t help but feel I’m always a little late to the party on every occasion, be that finding my ‘thing’ I want to do always (I was 31 when I found flowers), getting around to offering local deliveries during a lockdown which in hindsight would have been a superb way to subsidise lost income as many other fabulous florists before me did so, or indeed starting a blog for my tiny small business. I just.. haven’t.. quite.. turned up yet. I was even one of the last of my ‘university alumni’ to join Facebook back in the day (when that’s what Facebook was all about..) and even then a friend set the whole thing up for me. Talking of blogging specifically though, for years those savvy social media types have been penning away their witty and innermost thoughts about their creative journeys, what sparked their passion and sharing a wealth of insider knowledge and musings to build their brand and engage with their network. But not me no.. I’ve actively rejected this for as long as I can get away with. Why is this? Possibly because I really quite enjoy the idea of a simpler world where we rely less on technology, time spent behind computers, smart phones and social media profiles and where we don’t have pangs of guilt at our sky high screen time percentage that pops up like an unwanted blemish. Maybe my fire sign causes me to rebel and resist from following the crowd, or possibly because really and truly I rather dislike the idea of self promotion for fear of appearing arrogant, or too self involved which really means I’m stuffed because in this day and age if you have a product or a service to sell and especially if you’re doing it solo.. then you really need to wake up, drink that coffee and take a good whiff of those roses and realise it just has to be done. As a good friend once said to me JFDI (just fucking do it) So here we are, a solid 14 months since launching LCFD and my very first blog is born if I can call it that. I do wonder who reads these things, why are they interested in my prattlings and I suppose this self doubt and bad habit of occasional crisis of confidence is really the answer to why I am indeed always late to the metaphorical party. Note to self.. stop giving a **** about what strangers think and just do what you need to do. I have to admit actually, in some way it's quite therapeutic to just type away every spark as it runs through your brain. So here I am, channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw to scrawl this down at 6.03am on a Saturday morning while I can’t sleep. I’m not sure this has answered my title question and I certainly can’t promise this blog thing to be regular because honestly, I’m not sure I have that much to say. But please if you have read this (thank you very much) and would actually like to read something particular or hear about something specific please drop me a message and tell me what to write! One thing we may all agree on.. better late than never to join that party.

LC x

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